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The winner of this weeks coveted “You’re Just Fucked” award is Casey Anthony. If you don’t know who this is you should review this to get up to speed. For the rest of us that live above ground and are coherent, here she is living it up.

Casey Anthony

I don’t get it. Even a 5 year old half awake would have convicted this bitch on the spot with AT LEAST child abuse. I just don’t get how not reporting your child missing for over a month isn’t at least neglect. Last time I checked neglect is a form of abuse.


OJ vs Casey

Ok, I can see not convicting her on murder one, there really was no smoking gun and they couldn’t really show beyond a reasonable doubt she was directly responsible for the murder. Second degree was iffy at best. There was more than enough evidence for that I thought. Then again I wasn’t on the jury and only saw what the media presented. They pretty much convicted her on day one. However I do think there was more than enough circumstantial evidence to prove that this chick was completely fucked.

casey anthony 2

Do you  think the court system failed?  Myself, I wouldn’t be so quick to say that. Sure it can seem imbalanced if you have a good defense attorney that can spend 24 hours a day on a case and is an expert at blowing smoke screens and diverting and distorting facts in every direction away from their client. But I think in the end the jury had the power to make the right decision, and they in this case felt they did the best they could to serve justice. I think that a lot of people don’t realize that the jury doesn’t hear what we do. They don’t get the 5-10 pieces of evidence played over and over and with constant dialogue with an ever present prosecutorial undertone attached to it. Over time you would have been convinced that the prosecutor himself did it if they said it enough times while flashing questionable pictures and some random circumstantial evidence.

Florida Missing Girl

There were over 400 pieces of evidence in this case yet the media just focused on about 10 of them, over and over. So before you rage on the jurors thinking they are incompetent idiots just think for a second. They saw the other 390 pieces of evidence, and they were presented in the same light as the 10 you have had crammed into your cranium for the last month. 

Not Guilty

And I can just hear someone say that “Well, I watched the whole trial and saw exactly what the jurors saw”  Really. So you turned your TV off during the commentary during recess’s that was pretty much telling you what to think about what just happened in the court room.  I would have a hard time believing that. I don’t blame the jurors, I think they did the best they could with what they had available.


Well, the reality is this. Soon she will be getting out of prison and we will se lots more of her on TV doing interviews with Nancy Grace and the like to help them boost ratings. She will be paid a lot of money and will ultimately get EXACTLY what she wanted all along. Money, freedom from being a parent, and more money.

Justice System

Today the judge pretty much saved her life delaying her release from custody. I think the emotional equity built up on this case could easily boil over for a lot of people and result in a bad situation for her if she was found in public.

Casey anthony slap on the wristCasey Anthony Single

Rage all you want, you’re supposed to.  Her commercial value will be higher than yours ever will. And for what. If the media didn’t invest into this like they did, and no one watched, you think she would be leaving custody a millionaire? Congratulations for creating another Kardashian family. Get used to seeing shit like this for the next forever.

Casey Reality Star

Congratulations Casey, you have worked hard and deserve the You’re Just Fucked award. See you around on the internet, and on TV, and probably in advertisements, and giving commentary of other child murder cases, and probably in court again over some minuscule charge so the public can relive this.